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Antti Arminen

Sales and customer experience professional

I am a very motivated sales professional. I help the client find just the right person for projects and other business changes. My strengths are customer service, activity, interaction skills and perseverance.

I have experience in many different fields and in recent years I have worked in various customer service management positions. I am happy to increase my understanding of new business areas and organizations. By interacting and listening to the customer, I want to increase the customer's understanding and help them with the necessary service solutions. My intention is to create and maintain close and successful customer relationships, to develop a customer experience that exceeds customer expectations. I always try to learn new things and develop myself professionally. I am motivated by the change and the opportunities that the future will bring

Key competencies

  • B2B
  • Sales 
  • Customer service 
  • Managerial skills 
  • Marketing
  • Business processes 
  • Restaurant business
  • Communication 
  • Bidding
  • Billing 


+358 50 537 9426