We have a strong culture where we value openness, honesty and reliability.

Our story

Graniitti originated from the shared dream and interest of two colleagues to create a unique consulting company where things would be done differently and more effectively. They envisioned a company whose values would be based on flexibility, openness, and a genuinely caring corporate culture. There was a strong passion to learn what it takes to establish and lead a successful business.

In autumn 2017, Graniitti Services Oy was officially established and the first employee was hired. The company's name is based on the Finnish essence, which emphasizes trust and perseverance in getting things done. Guided by this thought model, we have always set our goals high. 

It has been a pleasure to be able to increase our team with new and competent Graniitti people. The well-being of our employees is important to us, and we actively make sure that we are doing well. We offer our employees the best possible facilities and the support they need to work. We are approachable and in assignments we respect the client company by acting in accordance with their values and customs. We strongly believe that with the help of satisfied employees, we can best produce added value for our customers. 

We are a renewable company that is constantly moving forward. We strive to regenerate as change takes place around us, without forgetting our core values. Our intention is to continue our purposeful growth without compromising on quality.


Our mission is to be the most reliable partner companies in their most important changes. "We're the first person to call when they need help." 

The best place to work for us. "Professional pride and appreciation are at a level where our people can always recommend us and every colleague"


Our vision is to be a profitably growing company where every person has an important role to play. 

We are a well-known, reliable and open player who is a desired employer for both graduates and experienced professionals. 

Our values

Our goal is to create a clear and supportive work environment where we emphasize open communication, simplicity, and continuous skill development. Every employee is important to us. 

We value

We respect

We trust


We are the most reliable partner in your company's critical transformations.

Fast and flexible assistance tailored to your company's desires and needs, whether it's business changes or customized for IT projects.


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