Quality assurance as a new service

Graniitti Services as a tender partner

New Graniitti'neers

Päivi Williams

Through top recruitment, Graniitti Services has strengthened its expertise in quality assurance area. In the spring, Päivi Williams, cast-iron testing expert, joined us.

Tommi Siro

Project management services also received a strong boost when Tommi Siro joined the group. Tommi is an experienced project manager and Agile Coach.

Welcome Päivi and Tommi!

Graniitti Services as a partner in tender process

Building new services or making significant changes to existing processes usually means setting up a program or project. Even before that, the journey begins with identifying business needs, setting goals, and tendering. There are several points along the way where it makes sense to use external help. In these areas we can help you.

Identification of need, goals

We will make it easier for you to find possible shortcomings in setting goals, and will take comprehensive account of indicators and monitoring at this stage. This ensures that the benefits are kept in mind throughout the journey.


We help you optimize those who are asked to bid. You’ll also get access to proven method to compare offers and pick the ones for the next rounds.

Contract negotiations

We know the pitfalls, and we think about the viability of the contract until it is implemented, maintained, and possibly terminated. All the steps should be taken into account now, when planning a common journey.


This is our basic oats. Whether you choose a traditional waterfall or an agile approach, or a combination of these, we have the experience and we bring our the best practices to your attention. We have experience working on both the customer and supplier side.

Ongoing services

We also have experience in service management, so we can anticipate this phase from the beginning. We are also able to support follow-up during the first few months.

Termination of the contract and start of a new one

Since the deal is well done, there are clear terms for this phase as well. Overcasting, for example, from one supplier to another, can be done without problems when the conditions also for this area can be found in the agreement.

It is a good idea to start resourcing for autumn projects now

Are you planning to start a program or a project for which no suitable resource can be found in your own organization? Just contact us, we will look for the right expertise for your needs.

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Graniitti Services provides experienced consultants for program and project management, supplier and program evaluation, quality assurance, and project office management. Our consultants have extensive experience in several different industries.

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