Graniitti Services' experts will help define, manage, and implement change.  
With the necessary impact analyzes, we ensure an understanding of the target state, the dependencies, and the difference to the current state. Based on analyzes and surveys, we create a plan for change management.

We are people-oriented in implementing change. Through clear interaction, we increase the understanding and importance of change. We manage stakeholders and communicate change. We plan the necessary trainings and instructions and ensure their implementation.

  • Change planning and impact analysis
  • Business change management
  • Analysis of the effects of change
  • Scheduling and coordination of change
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Communication management
  • Guidance and training
  • Implementation and deployment of the change


  • Improved readiness for change in the organization and stakeholders
  • Cost savings
  • Risk management
  • Faster change implementation 
  • Reduction of service disruptions and business impacts
  • Business harmonization