Graniitilla pääset mukaan mielenkiintoisimpiin asiakasprojekteihin

Näyttökuva 2022-3-18 kello 12.12.30

Kalle Venäläinen CEO

We value clear communication, courage, self-confidence and reliability.

The consulting aspect is also important. You will succeed in various client projects. You shouldn't get too caught up in the nuances, but hoping that you think broadly.

Professionalism, or the ability to have a high level of professionalism and attitude, is of primary importance to us. The employee can be trusted and also the other way around. It is also important to know how to work flexibly with different people. Of course, you also have to fit in with the group - everyone is different, but everyone should get along with each other and appreciate the other. 

You can work regardless of location in the office or remotely, naturally taking into account the needs of the customer assignment, jolloin luottamus ja ammattimainen taso työn laadussa tulee täyttyä.

You can be part of versatile projects in several different business sectors, including internationally. With us, you can make use of a wide variety of project working methods always learn something new. In addition to traditional training, we have our own internal skills development HeKa (Mental Growth) network, where we share our skills and expertise among Graniitti's employees. 

We offer the best support and facilities for working and coping at work, as well as versatile personnel benefits. We also offer a wide range of opportunities to participate in various leisure activities and sports

Join us! 

-Kalle Venäläinen