Tomi Ruuska

Technical project and program manager

I am a customer-oriented project manager with a technical eye, who emphasizes analytics, goal-orientation and people-oriented management. My project experience is built on a number of different industries and clients, and I want to emphasize in my project work the importance of high-quality and adequate communication as an enabler of success. 

My strong technical and theoretical background, combined with extensive experience and understanding of the business, will help me outline both the details and the big picture in projects, and help me get past the worst pitfalls. Although today IT plays an increasingly important role in the results of projects, it should always be remembered that people do the project (and most often also take advantage of the results of the project). For this reason, I regularly call for “more Leadership and less Management,” not forgetting the joy of doing the job. 

"Seriously, but certainly not"

Key competencies

  • Project management
  • Project and program management
  • Technical project management
  • Agile
  • Communication
  • Quality assurance
  • Supplier management
  • Change management
  • Online publishing systems
  • Financial systems
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Developing the customer experience
  • Integration
  • Migration projects
  • Training
  • International projects
  • Multicultural teams


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