Toni Takala

Business and end user oriented project professional
Business analyst and tester

+358 40 836 8008



I am a highly motivated and analytic business analyst who takes into consideration both business needs and user experience and who has strong hands-on experience on different business and application development processes, requirements specification, product development and project management. My main strengths are accuracy and very good networking and problem-solving skills.

Working as a business analyst and a specialist in various projects has helped me to understand different business needs and goals from different points of view. I have worked in projects where we have successfully renewed old-fashioned backend systems by bringing operations to completely new platforms as well as enhanced customer experience by developing online services with more tailored user experience. This extensive and diverse experience has taught me to understand processes from start to end.

I have been highly involved in defining and testing new functionalities and systems as a business representative as well as a business analyst. Training and onboarding of large groups of users and other stakeholders has been one of my responsibilities and is also my expertise and passion. From the beginning of my project career I have worked in international teams and multi-vendor environments, so I feel very comfortable in these kind of work communities.

I am especially interested in bringing business needs and good user experience as close to each other as possible. This requires continuous analysis and refining of requirements in cooperation with relevant stakeholders such as product owners and specialists. Continuous improvement is a well-established way of working for me in my daily work.


  • Requirement specification 
  • Business processes and development 
  • Change management 
  • Training and onboarding 
  • Testing 
  • Business support 
  • Deployments and planning 
  • Multi-vendor environments 
  • Software development projects 
  • Agile methods 
  • KYC and AML processes 
  • Product development and design