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Toni Takala

Business and User-Centered Project Professional
Business Definitions, Case Studies and Testing

I am a highly motivated and analytical project professional who takes into account business needs and end users, with strong practical experience in various business and software development processes, requirements specification, testing, product development and project management. My strengths are accuracy as well as excellent networking skills and problem solving ability.

Working as both a requirements setter and an expert on a wide variety of projects has helped me understand different business needs and goals from a number of different perspectives. I have worked on projects where we have successfully revamped old-fashioned back-end systems by moving functions to completely new platforms and improved the customer experience by tailoring electronic transaction services to better meet customer needs. This extensive and varied experience has increased my understanding of various E2E processes.

I have been heavily involved in defining and testing new functionalities and systems to be implemented, both as a business representative and as a requirements specifier. Orientation and coaching of large user and other stakeholders have been my typical responsibilities and are therefore my strong area of ​​expertise. I have worked on my project work from the beginning in international teams as well as in multi-editor environments, so I experience such environments as natural work communities.

I am particularly interested in how to bring both business requirements and a good user experience as close together as possible. This requires continuous analysis and refinement of requirements in collaboration with the product owner and other experts. Continuous review and improvement of operating methods is part of my day-to-day work.

Key competencies:

  • Requirements specification 
  • Business processes and their development 
  • Change management 
  • Training and induction 
  • Testing 
  • Business support 
  • Deployment and planning 
  • Multi-vendor environments 
  • Application development projects 
  • Agile 
  • KYC- and AML-processes 
  • Product development and design 

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