Nina Fagerholm | Kokenut projektiammattilainen

Nina Fagerholm

Experienced project professional

I am an experienced project professional with almost 20 years of experience in various business transformation projects and system projects. I have worked as both a project and testing manager on various conversion, billing, payroll and CRM projects in various industries.

I have strong experience in large-scale projects involving multiple suppliers and numerous interfaces. In addition, I have served as Product owner and as a development team leader. I am very committed to solving the challenges of system development, taking into account the perspectives of end users, business and the economy.

I am open and approachable and always strive to create a relaxed and confident atmosphere around me. My strengths are the perception of wholes, the understanding of details and the ability to absorb quickly, which gives a good starting points for bold prioritization of things.

Key competencies:

  • Project and service management
  • Management and supervisory work
  • Agile
  • Change management
  • Quality assurance
  • Multi-vendor environments
  • International projects

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