We know that sustainability is a continuous journey, where the company's operations and culture must be developed and promoted together with employees and customers.

In order to be the best workplace for us and a reliable partner for companies, we want to start communicating openly about our own sustainable work.


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Environmental impact

Remote working and location independence

Operating environment

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  • In 2022, we have done an initial survey and will start building responsibility processes, so that we understand the responsibility of our current situation in terms of things.


  • In 2023, we will openly communicate about sustainability. 
  • The company's first sustainability report has been published. 
  • Increasing social responsibility emerged as an object to be developed in the sustainability survey, for which there are trainings throughout the year (e.g. occupational well-being) 
  • To sustainably support employees' work trips, a public transport employee travel ticket was introduced. 
  • The versatile mobility of the employees was also supported with an employee bicycle benefit.
  • Graniitille saapunut Viola vahvistaa yrityksemme vastuullista toimintaa ja auttaa meitä rakentamaan kestävää liiketoimintaa. 
  • The new sustainability services form a cohesive whole with the rest of our services


  • In 2024, we will evaluate the operation of the previous year and make further developments of the operation based on that.

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We are constantly updating the sustainability section as our journey progresses. 

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