Our commitment to sustainability

We know that sustainability is a continuous journey, where the company's operations and culture must be developed and promoted together with employees and customers.

In order to be the best workplace for us and a reliable partner for companies, we want to start communicating openly about our own sustainable work.


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caring and supporting,

Sustainable and profitable growth

Business expansion, long-term customer relationships, development of staff expertise

Environmental awareness

Carbon footprint, energy consumption, location independence

Responsible value creation

Responsible strategy, sustainability communication, reliability

Read the 2023 corporate responsibility review

Check out the 2022 sustainability report

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  • In 2022, we have done an initial survey and will start building responsibility processes, so that we understand the responsibility of our current situation in terms of things.
  • We started communicating openly about responsibility
  • The company's first sustainability report was published
  • Increasing social responsibility emerged as an object to be developed in the sustainability survey, for which there are trainings throughout the year (e.g. occupational well-being) 
  • To sustainably support employees' work trips, a public transport employee travel ticket was introduced.
  • The versatile mobility of the employees was also supported with an employee bicycle benefit.
  • Viola, who has joined Graniitti, strengthens our company's responsible practices and helps us build sustainable business.
  • The new sustainability services form a cohesive whole with the rest of our services
  • In 2024, we will evaluate the operation of the previous year and make further developments of the operation based on that.
  • We published the 2023 corporate responsibility survey
  • We have defined our focus area of responsibility through the most significant effects of the operations and the expectations of stakeholders, as well as the need to clarify sustainability issues related to our own industry, so we started incorporating the principles of a sustainable data economy and digital ecosystem into our operations.  


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