Business development

We help identify your business development opportunities and plan effective solutions. We ensure smooth cooperation in the digital operating environment between business and IT.

Preliminary investigation

Together, we map the overall picture and the marginal conditions, and based on them, we make a plan with concrete measures to ensure that your project achieves its goals on schedule, costs remain under control, and key personnel are committed to the reform.


  • Situation picture
  • Roadmap with action proposals
  • Kick off service

Development and implementation of operating models

Adopting an agile model accelerates the company's ability to react to changes quickly and leads to continuous learning and process improvement. A model adapted to the maturity level of the organization brings growth and added value to your business. 


  • Project management models
  • Agile methods (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, LEAN)
  • Service management models
  • Optimization of practices and processes
  • Risk reduction

Service strategy and productization of services

Our products take into account your entire operational network. We help to find new business benefits and opportunities by looking at the entire chain from service production, delivery and sales to ease of purchase, earning models and networking.


  • A service-oriented vision or strategy
  • Productization of business
  • Productization of ecosystem-oriented business
  • Productization of the service selection or service

Architectural services

With the help of our services, you describe the significant functional parts of your business, the central information capital and the information system that supports them with the agreed scope and level. The results support continuous management and development.  


  • Analysis of operational development needs
  • Organization and management of overall architectural work
  • Reference or target architecture
  • Overall architect or overall architect support 
  • Information architecture
  • Describing and developing services, operating model and processes 

Corporate sustainability service

We evaluate your current situation carefully and offer practical and expert support for developing responsibility, communication and management. We support both the initiation of responsibility work and its more advanced development. Our experts help your company do meaningful responsibility work without forgetting business requirements.


  • Responsibility survey and report
  • Benchmark, GAP and materiality analyses
  • Responsibility reporting
  • Responsibility strategy and program
  • Risk management
  • Customized expert, calculation and project management services

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