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Requirements specification

The extensive expertise of our experts ensures a clear and understandable solution based on customer needs. In the workshops, the users and stakeholders of the future system work on their common vision of the system's goals and functions. In meetings held with key personnel, the results are refined and shaped into clear, concrete requirements that support the operational goals. We take care of documenting the final results in a standardized format that supports procurement and system development.


  • Definition of business requirements
  • Pre-procurement requirement definition
  • Specification of requirements, taking into account the special needs of the public administration and the tender law

Key roles

  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Analyst 
  • Service Designer 
  • Business Designer
  • Process Manager 
  • Requirements specifier
  • Facilitator

Solution architecture

We compile the business and end-user needs and functionalities that the system must support. We look at how they integrate with other internal or external actors. We map the solution options and evaluate their suitability. The result is both an information system map and a preliminary development plan. The information system map tells what the solution consists of, and the development plan helps guide the change of the necessary parts.



  • The solution architecture of the information system entity 
  • Solution architecture of the system
  • Transitional architecture

Procurement support and bidding

Together with you, we will define the frames for the purchase, which will help you get exactly what you need. With properly designed tender materials, tendering is clear and fair for all parties and procurement is consistent and successful. Jin external sector procurements and knowledge of their special features, mthey have strong expertise. We are in control different procurement procedures, including a competitive negotiation procedure. In the private sector, we help with the RFI and RFP stages with our experience.


  • Market mapping 
  • Requirements specification
  • Conceptualization of the service
  • Project planning
  • Drafting a request for quotation
  • Conducting the competition
  • Supplier selection and bidding

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