Project Management and Agile Development

We naturally work in different roles of project management and agile methods in different industries. We bring projects to the finish line successfully on schedule and ensure high-quality verification of the end result of projects and deliveries.

Project and program management

Our experts lead both people and projects in the right direction with decades of experience. At the beginning of the project, we help you secure the necessary people, budget and schedule. During the project, we support in steering and stakeholder group work, reporting, agreeing on a communication model and monitoring progress. At the end of the project, we help with transfer and documentation to production. We always choose the best solution suitable for our customer and do not represent a certain method, product or method.


  • Carry out the project cost-effectively and on schedule
  • ▶ ︎ Portfolio Management (PMO)
  • Project auditions

Key roles

  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator

Agile roles

We naturally work in various roles of agile methods in several industries. We combine the best aspects of agile and waterfall project management to support your company's needs. Our role is to be in the middle ground between business and IT, depending on the requirements of the assignment. 


  • Getting things done regardless of the method
  • Agile methods (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, LEAN)
  • Hybrid model

Key roles

  • Product Owner 
  • Scrum Master 
  • Release Manager 
  • Agile Coach 
  • Epic Owner Manager

Testing and quality assurance​

Careful and professional testing before commissioning is a prerequisite for the success of the solution and smooth production operations. We provide support for test planning, implementation, coordination, development and documentation.


  • Design of testing 
  • Testing Management
  • Quality assurance
  • Continuous improvement of service, operations, and processes

Key roles

  • Test Manager
  • Test Lead
  • Test Engineer
  • QA Manager
  • QA Lead 

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