Antti Salminen | Kokenut Hanke-/Projektipäällikkö Liiketoiminnan konsultointi, Hankinta ja kilpailutukset, Digitaalisten palvelujen kehitys

Antti Salminen

Experienced project and program manager
Business consulting, Procurement and tenders,
Development of digital services

I am an analytical and results-oriented project professional with several years of practical experience in various IT and business processes, project and program management, and consulting. My strengths are problem-solving skills and managing people, as well as managing large entities.

I have successfully led large and complex projects such as:

  • Development and launch of the eCommerce marketplace 
  • Development and launch of modern financial services (including online banking) 
  • RFI and RFP processes 

The projects have required a strong management of the multi-vendor environment and changes and risks, as well as an understanding of the content.

Working as a consultant with several different clients has developed me to understand the needs and goals of different businesses.

My goal is to ensure the realization of business goals throughout the project life cycle, from the idea and selection of partners to the success of operational activities.

Key competencies:

  • Project and program management 
  • Project Auditing 
  • Service and application development projects and deployments 
  • Development of digital services 
  • Defining business requirements and processes 
  • Liiketoimintavaatimuksien ja prosessien määrittely 
  • Setting up a service center 
  • GDPR 
  • Business change consulting, management and implementation 
  • Product management development 
  • Definition and implementation of EU level regulations (MiFID II, IDD, GDPR) for business processes and systems 
  • Supplier Evaluation and Selection (RFI, RFP Processes) 
  • Development and implementation of IT production processes 
  • Management of decentralized expert organizations

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