Asmo Oinaanoja | Kokenut projektitoiminnan ammattilainen Ketterät roolit, ICT-johtaminen

Asmo Oinaanoja

Experienced project management professional
Agile roles, ICT management

I am an experienced project and program professional. In my career, I have worked in various business environments, especially in the interface between ICT and business as a consultant, project manager, project manager and business director. Through my experience, I have a good understanding of the requirements in different areas of operations, both in the role of supplier and customer.

I have been a project and program leader in large projects. I have worked in the role of PMO leader, in addition to setting up a project office and creating operational and management processes for it. 

I have spent most of my career working in the development of consumer and professional services, and I have a good understanding of the demands placed on consumer security and related key business information systems in terms of security, reliability and user experience. These skills are guaranteed to be needed when making major change projects involving changes to key business processes and redesigns of information systems.

Key competencies:

  • Software production management positions  
  • Management of large-scale projects  
  • Program management  
  • Project portfolio and PMO management  
  • Business unit management  
  • Customer relationship management  
  • International project management  
  • Technical service buses  
  • Supervision work  
  • Online banking  
  • Mobile banking solutions  
  • Mobile payment 
  • Card systems 
  • Banking systems  
  • Electronic services

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