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Marko Nivala

Experienced Project Manager
Application development projects, Migrations, Agile roles

Over the years, I have gained experience in many different projects on the part of both suppliers and customers. I have been clarifying business needs, facilitating tenders, and being responsible for several integrations and deployments up to maintenance. I have had project management experience in international multi-supplier projects both in Finland and abroad for many years. My area of ​​expertise also includes leading an agile application development team and my own technical background, so I can quickly present prioritization and solution proposals when needed.

I have served as a team leader for experts and developers and as a personal leader for project managers. The work of project management and steering groups is quite familiar to me.

I am punctual, forward-thinking and always want to do what is agreed. I get along well with different people and stakeholders. I do not shy away from highlighting problem areas or making suggestions for improvement if I do. I enjoy both large entities and small development projects. I am method independent and able to promote both traditional and iterative projects.  

Key competencies:

  • Definition and needs assessment 
  • Project and program management
  • Agile development 
  • Service management 
  • Extensive migration projects 
  • Integrations and deployments of different information systems 
  • International projects 
  • Digital services development and deployment projects
  • Implementation of EU level regulation (AML) and business processes and systems 
  • Team leader 
  • Development and implementation of production processes in accordance with ITIL 
  • Different project methods: waterfall, SAFe, Agile

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