Outi Penttilä

Experienced project and service management professional

I am an experienced ICT service management and project professional. I have more than 15 years of experience in managing and developing the lifecycle of ICT services.
I have participated in numerous global ICT development projects.
In addition to my role as a service manager, I have been a team leader, a Scrum master, and a business analyst. In the role of Service Manager, I have been responsible for the operation of the company's internal services, deliveries and third-party support, as well as being the Service Manager for several customers, responsible for the operation of the service provided to the customer and small projects for ongoing services.
My strengths are good organizational and communication skills. I can lead both the team and the project, even in a virtual environment. I easily adapt to changes and new situations. As a person, I am trustworthy, service minded, punctual and goal oriented. I am good at motivating and helping others do their best to achieve a goal.
I do my job with a positive attitude and customer-oriented way.

Key competencies

  • Project and service management
  • Service management and planning
  • Change management
  • Multicultural environments
  • Supplier Management
  • Requirements specification
  • Transition projects
  • Defining and implementing an operational model
  • Supervision work
  • ITIL
  • Scrum


+358 50 3475 700