New service:
Flexible team deliveries

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New service

Flexible teams
from one provider

Uutena palveluna tarjoamme räätälöitävän asiantuntijatiimin, täydentämään vahvaa projektihallinta osaamistamme. Laaja verkostomme EU-alueella tarjoaa asiantuntijoita monipuolisesti eri osaamisalueille, kuten ohjelmistokehitykseen

Meidän vastuullemme kuuluu täysin koko toimitus aina tiimien kokoamisesta, niiden tehokkaaseen ohjaukseen ja toimintaan. Jokainen tiimi rakennetaan huolellisesti ja tiiminjäsenet valikoidaan osaamisen mukaan huomioiden asiakkaan liiketoimintaympäristö, erityistarpeet ja toiveet. 

We operate with a flexible pricing model that enables cost predictability, combined with efficient delivery. Some of our experts can work on-site, while others work flexibly in a location-independent manner, always supported by strong Finnish-language supervision.

Example of a flexible team structure:


Project Manager (or another supervisory role, e.g., Scrum Master):

Within the team, there is a strong local expert who has a deep understanding of the client's business, ensuring smooth team operations and guidance.


Remote developers:

Developers carefully selected from our network, possessing extensive technological expertise and strong professional skills, who work cost-effectively from other parts of Europe. They also have the flexibility to quickly and easily join the client for workshops.

Joustava tiimirakenne


Developers in Finland:

Experienced developers who have a deep understanding of the client's business or developers already present in the client's organization. They have the opportunity to be on-site with the client.


Local/remote architect:

Experienced architect, flexible – either local, remote, or already within the client's organization.

The roles mentioned above are indicative, and we always form expert teams with a strong, professionally tailored approach to meet the client's business environment and needs. 

"Each team is carefully constructed, taking into consideration the client's business environment, specific needs, and preferences."

Why do you get a well-functioning team from us?

Risk avoidance and cost savings:

The careful assembly and management of the team are entirely our responsibility, ensuring not only risk avoidance but also enabling cost savings.

Strong expertise in leading a distributed team: 

The team has experienced Finnish-speaking local leadership, ensuring smooth collaboration among various stakeholders. This ensures that the team works seamlessly together, guaranteeing the successful progress and outcome of projects.

Deep understanding of the client's business:

Our team deeply understands the client's business and needs. This ensures the best possible outcome that aligns with the client's business objectives.

Experience with multicultural teams:

Our team has extensive experience with multicultural teams, ensuring efficient and flexible collaboration in diverse work environments.

Flexible pricing models:

We offer flexible pricing models tailored to the preferences of our clients, enabling cost predictability that ensures efficient planned resource allocation.

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"We offer you more than just a team.
You get a partner who successfully supports your business goals."


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