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Looking for experienced experts to successfully take projects to completion? 

We are happy to assist in both business transformations and IT projects, tailored to your company's wishes and needs. You can easily get help for short-term projects as well as larger initiatives. We encourage open discussions to understand your needs better and find experts that fit both your budget and requirements.


Introducing our three experienced experts:

Natalia Åkerlund

Business consultant and Project manager

Natalia has extensive 20 years of experience across various industries as a management consultant, project and project manager in Finland, Sweden, and elsewhere in Europe. She has led large international projects in multicultural, multi-vendor environments, operating at the intersection of business and IT. 

She has strong experience in transformation projects, business and strategy development, building organizations and teams, leading various projects, defining business processes and requirements, as well as leading strategic initiatives. She has been involved in several management and steering groups.

Natalia has lived and worked in several countries, collaborating with people from different cultures. Leading teams is one of her absolute strengths. In terms of character, Natalia is extremely positive and energetic, with a natural ability to embrace new challenges and assist clients in solving them.

Liisa Viitasara

Experienced product and business developer, project professional

Liisa has worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, both at the customer interface and in IT development projects. She has been involved in requirements gathering, testing, prioritizing development projects in her area, working as a project manager, and modeling processes. As a Key Account Manager, she has gained experience in planning and managing customer portfolio development projects, contract negotiations, and profitability.

Liisa has gained experience in large-scale system modernization projects, mergers, and agile projects. Her ability to manage complex entities and multi-vendor environments stems from the skill of simplifying and breaking down large complexities.  

Her strengths lie in project management, motivating leadership, customer orientation, and interpersonal skills. Liisa communicates fluently in both Finnish and English with business representatives and technical experts.

Miia Planting

Experienced IT project and service management professional

Miia on kokenut projekti- ja palvelupäällikkö, jolla on laaja osaaminen IT:n eri osa-alueilta jo noin 20-vuoden ajalta. Hän on työskennellyt useilla toimialoilla sekä palveluntarjoaja- että asiakasrooleissa. Kokemusta Miialla on useista erityyppisistä IT-projekteista ja -palveluista Due Diligencesta ylläpitotoimintoihin ja palvelunhallintaan. Monikulttuuriset sekä monitoimittaja projektit ja organisaatiot ovat hänelle tuttuja aikaisemmasta kokemuksesta.

Miia is particularly interested in process and method development, measuring service quality, and continuous improvement of working methods/processes.

Miia is a calm and approachable leader with the ability to visualize the big picture. She has the capacity to identify and manage challenges, prioritize tasks, and adapt quickly to new organizational cultures. 

Miia's recent experiences are from the banking and energy sectors, where she has led projects such as Carve out, ERP, integration, data migration, regulatory reporting, business intelligence, and banking system development projects.

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Immediate value without lengthy learning curves. We are available quickly and flexibly.



Kokenut asiantuntija pääsee välittömästi kiinni toimeksiantoon ja vie asiat sovitusti maaliin. Takaamme myös parhaat käytänteet, puolueettomuuden teknologioista ja menetelmistä.



We are a flexible, open, and reliable partner. We always operate in the best interest of the customer, and the core of our service is customer-centric expertise.

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Get in touch, and let's discuss how we can help you succeed in business transformations and IT projects, ensuring successful implementation.


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Get in touch, and let's discuss how we can help you succeed in business transformations and IT projects, ensuring successful implementation.