Graniitti Services drew growth from good people - customer demand remained strong

Graniitti Services Oy continued its strong growth trajectory in 2021. The company's turnover increased by 53 per cent from the previous financial year to EUR 3.2 million. The growth of Graniitti Services Oy was driven in particular by the right recruitments and continued strong customer demand.

- We have got good people to work and everyone has found their place. At the beginning of the financial year, we were able to continue where we left off in 2020, and no major strategy changes were needed. Sales developed according to plan, says the CEO of Graniitti Services Oy Kalle Venäläinen.

According to Kalle Venäläinen, Granite Services will continue on the path of stable growth in 2022 as well.

- We are already operating completely independently of our location, but our strategy is to expand our operations both domestically and abroad. We are now investing in growth, with the goal of breaking the four million mark in revenue this year. So we are at the very beginning, says Kalle Venäläinen

Graniitti Services Oy's net sales in 2021 increased by 53 per cent from the previous financial year to EUR 3.2 million (EUR 2.1 million in 2020). The operating result was EUR 0.67 million (EUR 0.35 million in 2020).

- We are recruited because our clients turn to us when they need help with project management or agile roles. They know we can quickly provide the expert for tasks that last longer than just a few weeks. We have been worthy of trust, and we will continue to be so, Venäläinen sums up.

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Graniitti Services Oy

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Graniitti Services Oy was founded in 2017. We employ 23 experts. We provide expert service at every stage of the project. Granite Service has experienced experts in agile development, change management, project management, setting up a project office and many other project activities.