Laura Vanninen | Kokenut tuote- ja liiketoiminnan kehittäjä, projektiammattilainen

Laura Vanninen

Experienced product and business developer, project professional

I am an experienced banking and finance professional and have strong project work experience. I have worked for over 20 years in various roles in the financial industry. For the past 10 years, I have been developing products and services for banks and real estate agents. I have strong expertise in personal finance, e-real estate and apartment trading, and other key digital services for borrowing and housing. Know Your Customer services for companies are also familiar to me. With years of experience, I have developed an extensive network of cooperation in the banking and financial sector, as well as with important authorities.

I have worked on several software and product development projects. I work naturally in agile environments and am also familiar with traditional project management methods. I have been implementing new ways of working in teams and projects in companies. I consider it important that the work in the project proceeds seamlessly from start to finish, that the projects are actively managed and that all stakeholders have visibility to progress at all times. The most important task of project management is to monitor, communicate and, if necessary, support where help is needed.

My strengths are customer and business orientation, interaction skills and strong project work skills. In projects, the team consists of professionals from different fields and the best solutions are developed in collaboration. I think the cornerstones of project success are entity management, transparency and good communication. I am ready to work towards common goals.

Key competencies:

  • Product and business development
  • Development of digital services
  • Product ownership
  • Agile
  • Leading team work
  • Release management
  • Financing and housing processes
  • Application development projects
  • Developing the customer experience
  • Stakeholder work

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