Maarit Takavainio | Kokenut product owner ja projektiammattilainen

Maarit Takavainio

Experienced product owner and project professional

I am an experienced professional in the banking and finance industry with expertise in project management. I also have experience in retail processes and e-commerce development. In recent years, I have worked in various project, leadership, service management, team leadership, and product development roles.

I have strong experience in various expert and management positions, in software development for banks, and in software robotics and automation. I work naturally in agile environments and I also know traditional project management methods.

My strengths are leadership and interaction skills as well as solid experience working with stakeholders. In addition to the customer-centric way of working, I develop the various aspects of project work and coordinate and ensure the smooth operation of cooperation, while also developing the operating methods of the teams. 

I consider the management of organizations, the ability to organize, communication and team leadership to be the cornerstones of the success of projects. I enjoy clearing various obstacles and finding solutions. 

Key competencies:

  • Project and program management
  • Leading team work
  • Agile
  • Application development projects
  • Developing the customer experience
  • Communication and interaction skills
  • Software robotics
  • Product ownership
  • Change management
  • International projects
  • Service management

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