The client's expectations for consulting work

It is especially important for us at Granit to strengthen our already rock-hard professionalism. We meet regularly around important themes, share know-how and experiences among ourselves. This time we had a fast-paced and inspiring guest Satu Koskinen, YTK's CIO and member of Graniiti's board, talk about the topic "customer expectations for consulting work".

Satu Koskinen IT director of YTK and member of Graniit's board

The very interesting topic sparked a lot of discussion and experiences were shared at a brisk pace. It is really important to stop and identify what the client really expects from the consultant, what are the goals, what does the client value and how do you exceed the client's expectations?

In the beginning, it is good to get to know the customer, get a feel for the organizational culture and way of working. Which communication and communication method works exactly in this company and with this customer?

In addition to your own agreed-upon role, you can help out, for example, in something smaller, this way you can bring your own expertise to the fore and network at the same time.

In the beginning, everything is new and different, and what used to work in some environment and company may not work now. At this point, communication and dialogue cannot be emphasized enough. It's also good to remember to ask for feedback on your own work if you haven't received it. Giving low-threshold feedback can seem difficult to the customer, so it's good to be brave and ask directly.

Give more of yourself than is asked and expected. This communicates your expertise to the customer and strengthens trust. However, the most important thing is to remember to be yourself and let your professional skills shine. The client appreciates that you don't keep up the scenes but are boldly yourself, including your weaknesses. Areas may come up that you may not be in control of, but your colleague may be. So dare to recommend help from your own organization. Faith and trust in one's own work is also transmitted to the customer.

Thank you, Satu, for coming to talk about an important topic for us. We got really concrete tools to succeed even better in our work.


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