New skilled experts for Graniitti

During the past year, Graniit's spirit of doing things has continued with interesting commissions, and before the financial year changes, we have added more rock-hard professionals to our team. 

We are happy to welcome the new Graniittilais, Tom, Maarit and Eeva, who have already all started in customer projects.


Joined Graniit's forces earlier in the last half of the year. Tomi, who has traveled all over the world for work, is a goal-oriented and analytical team player who doesn't give up even in the most challenging situations. In addition to a customer-oriented way of working, he is constantly looking for new ways to work more rationally and more fun, while utilizing the latest technology.
Tom's strengths are his extensive knowledge of information technology and business, with which he manages both the technical details and grasps the overall picture of the business. He has extensive experience in many different industries and manages projects to completion, depending on the situation, with traditional and agile methods. Tom's working motto is "Seriously, but not really".


The Moors

He is an experienced professional in banking and finance and agile project work. He has held various expert and management positions in the software development of banks and was responsible for leading a team focused on software robotics and automation. In recent years, he has worked strongly with agile methods, but also masters traditional methods of project work. Strong management and interaction skills and solid experience in working with stakeholders are Maariti's strongest skills when she leads the work of project teams. He enjoys being able to develop different aspects of project work and ensure the seamless operation of cooperation, facilitating and developing the team's working methods 


Joined Graniit's team at the beginning of February and brings with him extensive ERP/SAP, supply chain and financial experience. He is a very experienced project manager, especially in various development and implementation projects. Extensive international experience has taught me how to lead multinational teams and how to work with different cultures. Eeva has the skill to develop an overall process understanding, so through understanding, solutions that support the business can be built intelligently. Certified in change management, Eeva believes that there is no successful change without good communication and change management. In addition to project management, he considers systematic planning, communication, facilitation and change management skills to be his greatest strengths.


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