brings strong expertise in business development to board work with his experience. In his career, he has worked in several international project positions in European, Baltic and Russian operations, in both business and information management management positions, e.g. At TeliaSonera, Kesko and Arek. Currently, Satu works on the board of Tivia Ry, and as the information administration director of YTK. In addition, as evening studies, Satu completes a university degree in cyber security, graduating in 2022.

“Everything is driven by the good spirit and desire of the staff to develop, which are the company’s greatest resources. I see that this is what gives Graniitti an excellent starting point for growth and development as an expert company. These are things that I personally get excited about and it is incredibly interesting to be on this journey of change. Through my experience, I bring that vision and support to strategic choices regarding development innovation and differentiation from a competitive market. With my years of experience on the procurement side, I also bring a new perspective, as well as ideas on how to be constantly in the customer's mind. ” says Satu.


(M.Sc.) has a long career in economics and finance management positions. He has extensive experience in various business models and companies. In his career, Jani has been responsible for e.g. On the economic, ICT and financial activities of Tammi, WSOY, Iittala and Fiskars. He has also served as a member of MTV's Management Team, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Finance Officer.
At Digita, Jani is currently responsible for finance and economics, ICT and digitalization, and is a member of the Management Team.

Jani states about his new job as the Board of Graniitti Services Oy as follows:
“I like the Graniitti business model. There is a growing demand in the market for quality expert services. This is what Graniitti´s great team spirit and high level of doing, as well as its constant desire to develop, take us forward. I believe that in my board work, the company will primarily add substance to financial management, financial affairs and M&A. From my experience, I can help Granite develop and make a variety of strategic choices. I am really excited about my future duties on the Board of Graniitti Services Oy ”.


(M.Sc. (Econ.)) Tomi is a business leader cooked in many broths, whose 30-year career includes many media and communications companies, e.g. MTV, Radio Nova, SubTv. Tom has extensive experience in business management but also in sales, marketing, content and staff management in both traditional and digital media. Currently, Tomi works as a management coach through his company Henko Cxo Coaching and as the managing director of Hopkins Oy, which specializes in digital marketing.

“I have had the pleasure of following GS’s journey from the beginning. I was immediately convinced that this crew knew what they were doing. I started as an advisory and later I was asked about my willingness to work on the board. I didn’t hesitate because I had already seen what GS people could do. The company is characterized by strong professionalism, the pursuit of high quality and a responsible attitude that values ​​employees and customers. I have wanted to bring general growth business expertise to GS from a management and leadership perspective. I have wanted to help the government create an activity that will take even a critical look. I think GS is on a really good path - a smart and knowledgeable team doing great and demanding projects with high skills and good manners. I am happy and proud to have been involved. ” says Tomi.


(M.Sc., eMBA) Risto is known as a long-standing leader in technology and ICT. Risto, who started his career as a software developer, can hold many demanding management positions in various technology companies such as Satama Interactive and Siili Solutions. Risto currently sits on MTV's Management Team and is the company's Chief Technology Officer and President of Nordic Broadcast and IT in Telia's TVM business area.

Risto's interest in Graniitti Services was aroused by the company's strong plans for the future. Risto comments on his work on the company's board as follows:

“Graniitti executives convinced me of a long-term and ambitious desire to develop the company’s business. There are good opportunities for teamwork, which is a prerequisite for the success of board work. I want my own long-term experience in organizations that provide and procure services to bring real added value to our operations. My role as an external board member also provides a special approach to the development of the company. ”

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Asmo brings a voice to the board in terms of concrete customer work. He is an experienced project and program professional who has worked in various business environments in his career, especially in the interface between ICT and business as a consultant, project manager, project manager and business manager.

Asmo sees its role on the board as follows:

“I feel that I represent our experts on the board and I strive to ensure that the voice of the field is taken into account in board-level decision-making. In a business like this, people are at the heart of it all. In addition to my board role in expert positions, I also have good visibility in operational activities. In my role, I will also benefit from the experience I have gained from various positions in my long career as an expert. ”