The IT skills shortage can be solved

Graniitti Services Oy makes effective use of the emerging IT market in Eastern Europe by bringing strong technology expertise from Eastern European countries, such as Moldova and Romania, regardless of location. The newly founded Granitumi, which focuses on international business, operates flexibly in several countries thanks to digitalization. The IT trend will develop even further and Graniitti Services intends to keep up with the development.

Graniitti Services Oy's project managers, scrum-masters, work in a seamless interaction between the customer and Granitum's IT experts and ensure that the work is completed successfully according to the schedule and budget, all the way to the finish line. With the new ecosystem, Granitumi is able to build decentralized international teams and meet the needs of more customers.

- It has been clear to us from the beginning that we want to renew and expand. The expansion of our services to become more technical and international are part of a natural development, says Kalle Venäläinen, founding partner of Graniitti Services Oy and Granitumi Oy.  

- I can utilize my skills and use my own extensive international networks. In addition to this, we are developing an interesting business where I get to collaborate with ambitious and competent people who have the right desire to succeed with us, says Natalia Åkerlund, Granitum's other founding partner.

Graniitti Services knows that international business can be built responsibly, regardless of location and regardless of technologies. Graniitti Services has already taken concrete steps and is preparing for the future, where the need for skilled IT professionals is obvious.

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Kalle Venäläinen

Managing director
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Natalia Åkerlund

Business development
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