Janne Kilponen | Kokenut ICT- ja projektitoiminnan ammattilainen Kilpailutukset ja Digitaaliset palvelut

Janne Kilponen

Experienced ICT and project management professional
Procurements and Digital services

I am an experienced developer of business and digital services. I have a solid background in strategic business development and continuing services operations. In my career, I have worked in various business environments, especially in the interface between ICT and business as a consultant, project manager and ICT director. Through my experience, I have a very good view of the requirements at different levels of operation in both the role of buyer and supplier. I have worked as a project manager on large projects, in addition I have a long experience as a supervisor. I have worked as a PMO leader, and I have been setting up project offices and creating operational and management models for them. 

I have spent most of my career working in the development of consumer and professional services, and I have a good understanding of the demands placed on consumer security and related key business information systems in terms of security, reliability and user experience. These skills are guaranteed to be needed when making major change projects involving changes to key business processes and redesigns of information systems. 

I also have a good background in ICT service management. I am a project and program professional, but in addition to these, I am an experienced ICT procurement expert. Procurement patterns, negotiations, contracts and partner management have been an important part of my job for years.

Key competencies:

  • General management of ICT 
  • ICT procurement, tendering, contract negotiations 
  • Supplier Management 
  • PMO and portfolio management
  • Project and service management 
  • Transition projects  
  • Outsourcing management 
  • Leading multicultural and international teams of experts


Leila Lehtinen, Head of Passenger and Operator Services, Matkahuolto:

I am pleased that Janne has been leading one of my most important technical development projects with ambitious commercial objectives. Within an Emerging domain Janne has been persistently taking the project through the defined milestones. Janne keeps the eye on the ball and facilitates all parties to understand the relevant issues to be solved. He is competent and remains cool under pressure. And yet, he gets along well with everybody.


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